When Ponies Dream Fabric Sculpture

Without a Net 10 works

The circus embodies the splendid and the macabre, both fantasy spectacle and gritty reality.

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Is There Any Hot Water? Fabric Sculpture

In These Times 12 works

Here is how we spend our time, in all its humdrum glory.

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Nanosecond Fabric Sculpture

Stones 4 works

A soft and rocky tour-de-force, this series shows the human hand---without the humans.

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Forever Yours Fabric Sculpture

Mortality 4 works

This series conflates opposites: joy and grief, cloth and bones, the fleeting moment and the ultimate end.

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Blindmen & the Elephant Fabric Sculpture

Bent Fables 4 works

When my brain goes sideways through established folklore, this is what emerges.

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Too Long at the Museum Fabric Sculpture

Small Work 6 works

These smaller figures capture the gesture and whimsy of the larger pieces without the quilted and collaged surface.

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Work in Progress Fabric Sculpture

Big Figures 6 works

These larger figures create identity out of collaged and quilted cloth.

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Comfort Fabric Sculpture

Teapots 5 works

These pieces encompass the cozy, the frightful, and the unexpected. They use interior lighting; Tiger Tea is mechanized.

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